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Welcome to our Parish Library.

The library has approximately 2,500 books in both English and Russian; the Russian collection makes up the majority of the collection. Our book collection is focused mainly on Orthodox Christianity, history of Christianity, Russian culture, theology, patristics, apologetics, Orthodox Christian family life and marriage, the Saints, biblical commentaries, asceticism, canon law, and much more. We also have a small collection of children’s books and other learning resources which are used by the Sunday School teachers. Our library also has a non-circulating collection of historical and museum-quality books, which currently are being stored but will in the future be displayed in a separate section as part of our museum.

The library has been a valuable asset to our parish community for several years. Now the library is undergoing a great change -- the books are in the process of being inputted into a web-based catalog, known as LibraryThing, which is used by hundreds of small church and academic libraries around the world. With God’s help, when the catalog is completed towards the end of 2016, the parishioners will be able to peruse the catalog from home or using their mobile device, and then if they see something they like, they can check it out from within the library using a self-checkout system.

In the meantime, if you would like to take a look at the progress of the library project, please visit:

You may also contact our librarian, Natalia Mulligan ( for further information.

Address of our Cathedral

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