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Our site features articles in Russian and English on the Holy Orthodox Faith along with audio and video presentations, chronicling the life of our parish - the only church community in the United States founded in 1949 by St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco. All of the original articles and most videos on this site are property of our parish and may be freely used to the glory of God with permission.

Pastoral word

Sergei Khudiev


This week of Great Lent, the Church celebrates the memory of St. Mary of Egypt. The story of St. Mary is the story of a repentant harlot. Why does the Church find this story so important? Why does the whole Orthodox world remember this woman?

Her life tells us about how, from her early youth, she carried on an extremely debauched life and then, more like a tourist than a pilgrim, decided to go to Jerusalem for the feast of the Exaltation of the Honorable Cross of the Lord...

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