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Our site features articles in Russian and English on the Holy Orthodox Faith along with audio and video presentations, chronicling the life of our parish - the only church community in the United States founded in 1949 by St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco. All of the original articles and most videos on this site are property of our parish and may be freely used to the glory of God with permission.

Pastoral word


Chapter 9

During the chanting of the Commandments of the Beatitudes, the central doors, known as the "Royal Doors" (in honor of the Lord "King of Glory") are opened for the 'small entrance." The priest and the deacon, holding the Gospel in his hands, go from the Altar Table, onto the Ambo through the "North" (i.e. left) door. This signifies and reminds us of Christ's setting out to preach. "Jesus came to Galilee, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God" (Mark 1: 14).

The candle...

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