Cyricus (Quiricus) and his mother Julitta of Tarsus, martyrs

Dates of commemoration

Jul 28
(Church calendar - Jul 15)


The Holy Martyrs Cyricus and Julita lived in the city of Iconium in the province of Lykaoneia in Asia Minor. Saint Julita was descended from an illustrious family and was a Christian. Widowed early on, she raised her three-year old-son Cyricus (Quiricus). During the emperor Diocletian’s persecution of Christians, Saint Julita departed the city with her son and two trustworthy servants, leaving behind her home, property, and servants.

Concealing her noble rank, she hid out first at Seleucia, and then at Tarsus. There around the year 305 she was recognized, arrested and brought to trial before the governor, Alexander. Strengthened by the Lord, she fearlessly answered the judge’s questions, and firmly confessed her faith in Christ.

The governor gave orders to beat the saint with rods. During her torments Saint Julita kept repeating, “I am a Christian, and will not offer sacrifice to demons.”

The little boy Cyricus cried, seeing his mother being tortured, and wanted to go to her. The governor Alexander tried to sit him on his lap, but the boy broke free and shouted, “Let me go to my mother, I am a Christian.” The governor threw the boy down from the high tribunal and kicked him down the stone steps. The boy struck his head on the sharp edges and died.

Saint Julita, seeing her lacerated son, gave thanks to God that He had permitted her child to be perfected before her, and to receive the unfading crown of martyrdom. After many cruel tortures Saint Julita was beheaded with a sword.

The relics of Saints Cyricus and Julita were uncovered during the reign of Saint Constantine the Great (May 21). A monastery was built near Constantinople in honor of these holy martyrs, and a church was built not far from Jerusalem.

We pray to Saints Cyricus and Julita for family happiness, and the restoration of sick children to health.


Holy relic type

unless specified otherwise below, "holy relic" means a fragment of a bone of the saint

1. Holy relics of both saints
2. Holy relics of both saints

Location of the holy relic in the Cathedral:

1. Icon of martyrs Cyricus and Julitta. South kliros, west wall
2. Inserted into a cross on the oblation table, north side of the Altar



Тропарь мучеников Кирика и Иулитты, глас 8
Яко лоза благоплодная, Иулитто честная,/ грозд зрел принесла еси Цареви, всех Богу,/ сына твоего Кирика славнаго,/ мучением того богатно украсивши/ и твоею кровию навершивши,/ тем и дарова тебе Вышний возмездие в Вышних,/ идеже ликующе, помяните нас, мученицы терпеливодушнии.

Ин тропарь мучеников Кирика и Иулитты, глас 4
Мученицы Твои, Господи,/ во страданиих своих венцы пришла нетленныя от Тебе, Бога нашего:/ имуще бо крепость Твою,/ мучителей низложиша,/ сокрушиша и демонов немощныя дерзости./ Тех молитвами/ спаси души наша.


Кондак мучеников Кирика и Иулитты, глас 4
Во объятиих носящи христомученица Иулитта Кирика,/ на подвизе мужески веселящися, взываше:/ Христос есть мучеников похвала.

Ин кондак мучеников Кирика и Иулитты, глас 2
Жертва приятна, Богови приносима,/ и свидетель верен Христов являемь,/ с материю пострадал еси Иулиттою, Кириче славне,/ с неюже Христа Бога молити не престай о всех нас.

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