Isaac II (Bobrakov, the Younger) of Optina, archimandrite hieromartyr, venerable

Dates of commemoration

Jan 08
(Church calendar - Dec 26) Day of martyric death
Feb 10

(Church calendar - Jan 28) Synaxis of Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia (movable feast on Sunday, January 25th, if the date falls on a Sunday; in the previous Sunday, when January 25th falls on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday; or the subsequent Sunday, if January 25th falls on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Oct 24
(Church calendar - Oct 11) Synaxis of the Venerable Elders of Optina


Schema-Archimandrite Isaac, in the world Ivan Nikolayevich Bobrikov, was born in 1865 in the village of Ostrov, Orel province, to a peasant family. In 1884 he entered Optina monastery as a novice. He was the last abbot of Optina monastery, and was distinguished by his great calm, simplicity and by the abundance of tears he shed during Divine services. When Optina monastery was closed in 1923, several of the monks led by Fr. Isaac remained in Kozelsk, where he served in the St. George church. Together with them were the blind, the halt and the hunchbacked.

In August, 1929, on the second or third day after the Transfiguration, all the Optina hieromonks, headed by Fr. Isaac, were arrested and imprisoned in Kozelsk prison. The arrested were sent to Sukhinichi prison, and from there to Smolensk.

In January, 1930, after the end of the "investigation", Fr. Isaac, was exiled to Siberia along with others of the Optina monks, where, according to one source, they ended their lives.

According to another source, Fr. Isaac was exiled to Belev in Moscow province. In 1932 he was arrested in Belev, but was released. On December 16, 1937, Archimandrite Isaac was arrested in Belev. On December 30 he was condemned to be shot by a "Troika" of the NKVD in Tula, and on January 8, 1938, he was shot together with other Optina monks in Tesnitsky wood near Tula.


Holy relic type

unless specified otherwise below, "holy relic" means a fragment of a bone of the saint

Holy relic

Location of the holy relic in the Cathedral:

Icon of the Synaxis of the Venerable Elders of Optina, south wall



Тропарь преподобному священномученику Исаакию, глас 1
Венечник явился еси преподобномучениче Исаакие / яко враги Креста Господа твоего низложил еси, / старцем оптинским поревновал еси / и с новомученики Российскими прославился еси / темже мы тебе с любовию вопием: / слава Давшему ти крепость, / слава Венчавшему тя, / слава Действующему тобою всем исцеления.

Ин тропарь, глас 4
Страданьми твоими, отче Исаакие / возсия стране Российстей свет разума / в ней бо звездам служащие, / Кресту ныне кланяются / удобрившеся кровьми новомученник / земля Русская плод православнаго исповедания принесе; / Господеви поющее, Слава Тебе.


Кондак преподобному священномученику Исаакию, глас 3
Новомученников предивная доброто / Венценосче Исаакие / страданьми твоими собор Оптинский украсился; / Крест бо Христов и уничижения в похвалу себе вменил / о земном пренебрегл еси / душу твою за други положил еси / и в место небеснаго упокоения отшел еси / и оттуда точиши исцеления / верно чтущим память твою.

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