Maurice at Apamea in Syria, military commander, martyr

Dates of commemoration

Mar 07
(Church calendar - Feb 22)


Saint Maurice, a military commander of Syrian Apamea, suffered in the year 305 under the emperor Maximian Galerius (305-311) together with his son Photinus and seventy soldiers under his command (only two of the soldiers’ names are known, Theodore and Philip).

During a persecution, pagan priests reported to the emperor that Saint Maurice was spreading the faith in Christ. Brought to trial, Saint Maurice, his son and his soldiers firmly confessed their faith and they yielded neither to entreaties nor to threats. They were then beaten without mercy, burned with fire and raked with iron hooks. Young Photinus, having endured the tortures, was beheaded by the sword before the very eyes of his father. But this cruel torment did not break Saint Maurice, who was happy that his son had been vouchsafed the martyr’s crown.

They then devised even more subtle tortures for the martyrs: they led them to a swampy place full of mosquitoes, wasps and gnats, and they tied them to trees, having smeared their bodies with honey. The insects fiercely stung and bit the martyrs, who were weakened by hunger and thirst.

The saints endured these torments for ten days, but they did not cease praying and glorifying God until finally the Lord put an end to their sufferings. The wicked torturer gave orders to behead them and leave their bodies exposed without burial, but Christians secretly buried the venerable relics of the holy martyrs by night at the place of their horrible execution.


Holy relic type

unless specified otherwise below, "holy relic" means a fragment of a bone of the saint

Holy relic

Location of the holy relic in the Cathedral:

North kliros, reliquary #2



Общий тропарь мученику, глас 4:
Мученик Твой, Господи, (имярек), / во страдании своем венец прият нетленный от Тебе, Бога нашего, / имеяй бо крепость Твою, / мучителей низложи, / сокруши и демонов немощныя дерзости. / Того молитвами / спаси души наша.


Общий кондак мученику, глас 2:
Звезда светлая явился еси, / непрелестная мирови, / Солнца Христа возвещающи, / зарями Твоими, страстотерпче (имярек), / и прелесть погасил еси всю, / нам же подаеши свет, / моляся непрестанно о всех нас.

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