Nikita (Nicetas) the recluse of the Kiev Caves, bishop of Novgorod, holy hierarch

Dates of commemoration

Feb 13

(Church calendar - Jan 31) Day of repose

May 13

(Church calendar - Apr 30) Uncovering of the relics

May 27

(Church calendar - May 14)

Jul 07

(Church calendar - Jun 24) Synaxis of Novgorod Hierarchs (movable feast on the 3rd Sunday of Pentecost)

Jul 28

(Church calendar - Jul 15) Synaxis of All Saints of Kiev


Saint Nikita, Bishop of Novgorod, in his youth entered the Kiev Caves monastery and soon wished to become a hermit. The igumen cautioned him that such an exploit was premature for a young monk, but he, trusting in his own strength, would not listen.

In the hermitage Saint Nikita fell into temptation. The devil appeared to him in the guise of an angel, and the inexperienced ascetic bowed down to him. The devil gave him advice, speaking as if to one who had attained perfection: “Don’t bother to pray, just read and study other things, and I shall pray in your place.” He stood near the hermit, giving the appearance of praying. The deceived monk Nikita came to surpass everyone in his knowledge of the Books of the Old Testament, but he would not speak about the Gospel, nor did he wish to hear it read.

The Elders of the Kiev Caves went to the monk, and after they had prayed, they expelled the devil from him. After this Saint Nikita remained a hermit with the blessing of the Elders, and lived in strict fasting and prayer, surpassing everyone in obedience and humility.

Through the prayer of the holy Elders, the merciful Lord brought him up from the depths of his fall to a high degree of spiritual perfection. Afterwards, he was made Bishop of Novgorod, and for his holy life God granted him the gift of wonderworking. Once, during a time of drought, he brought rain from the heavens by his prayers. Another time, he stopped a fire in the city. Saint Nikita guided the Novgorod flock for thirteen years, and then peacefully fell asleep in the Lord in 1109.

In 1558, during the reign of Tsar Ivan Vasilievich, Bishop Nikita was glorified as a saint. His relics now rest in the church of the holy Apostle Philip in Novgorod. He is also commemorated on May 14.

Saint Nikita is invoked for protection against lightning and fire. People also turn to the Most Holy Theotokos, glorified in her “Unburnt Bush” Icon (September 4), for this purpose.


Holy relic type

unless specified otherwise below, "holy relic" means a fragment of a bone of the saint

1. Holy relic
2. Holy relic

Location of the holy relic in the Cathedral:

1. South kliros, reliquary #4
2. South kliros, reliquary #14 - gilded sliver cross



Тропарь святителя Никиты, затворника Печерского, еп. Новгородского
глас 4
Насладився, богомудре, воздержания / и желание плоти твоея обуздав, / на престоле святительства сел еси, / и яко звезда многосветлая, просвещая верных сердца / зарями чудес твоих, отче наш, святителю Никито, / и ныне моли Христа Бога, / да спасет души наша.

Ин тропарь святителя Никиты, затворника Печерского, еп. Новгородского
глас 2
Небеснаго пространства желая,/ от юности в тесне месте затворился еси,/ в немже прельщен быв от врага,/ паки смирением и послушанием/ победил еси прелестника крепце, Никито,/ и ныне, предстоя Христови,/ моли спастися всем нам.


Кондак святителя Никиты, затворника Печерского, еп. Новгородского
глас 6
Архиерейства саном почтився/ и чисте Чистейшему предстоя,/ прилежно моление за люди твоя приносил еси,/ яко и дождь молитвою свел еси,/ овогда же и града запаления угасил еси./ И ныне, святителю Никито,/ моли Христа Бога/ спасти люди твоя молящияся,/ да вси вопием ти:/ радуйся, святителю отче предивный.

Ин кондак святителя Никиты, затворника Печерского, еп. Новгородского
глас 1
Победив вражия лести добле и светло добротедельми просияв, святительства одеждою облеклся еси, преславне Никито, в немже светом жития твоего и чудесы сияя паче солнца, многих просветив, привел еси Христови, Егоже моли о нас, поющих тя.

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