Joseph, the Chosen One of the Mother of God, from Novosibirsk Diocesan Herald.

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The full text of the article excerpted below appeared in the Novosibirsk Diocesan Herald (MP) in April 2006, in the section entitled "Righteous ones of our times."

Why does the heart of the Russian Orthodox people open up so easily toward brother Joseph? Because Joseph is the last of the great host of New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia. And now the Heavens have allowed him the opportunity to speak.

It is also because he is one of those monks (i.e. those people who are different, wise in Heaven-granted wisdom) through whom according to the prophecy made by Fyodor Mikhailovitch Dostoyevsky, Russia's salvation will come.

In the past, this kind of monastic included Venerable Sts. Sergius of Radonezh and Seraphim of Sarov; in our times they include Holy Hierarch St. John Maximovitch and Hieromonk Seraphim Rose. Religious Rus' honors and loves them. The Russian people, now awakening from its spiritual sleep, is learning from them, is taking them as examples of faith and piety. Joseph was one of those monks who stand before the world of heaven and the earthly world, and who receive the light from above and send it down to all people.

Joseph once said, "Russia needs an example of a real monk, one who has completely rejected the world and given himself over to God…" Without knowing it, he himself followed Holy Hierarch St. John and Fr. Seraphim, and showed both Russia and the entire world that example.

Now matter how many billions of copies of the Sacred Scriptures and other Christian literature might be printed, no matter how many religious institutes and seminaries might be opened, no matter how we might externally affirm our being Orthodox, still, year in and year out, throughout the ages, Christian life constantly and unremittingly is becoming secularized.

Thus it is essential in life that at least sometimes there appear a monastic in spirit (it can even be a layperson), to refresh peoples' awareness of the Gospel ideal of Christianity. The fiery preaching of such a person is capable of quickening the hearts of hundreds of people.

For us contemporary Christians, who are so spiritually weak and inconstant, it is absolutely essential that at least once in our lives, we hear directly, not by reading in books, the Gospel news about the fact that "this earthly world is a flowing river that lures unlucky sea-captains to perdition. Delights and tears, successes and shipwrecks; it is a deceptive current, an enticing mirage, the gaping emptiness of the grave. There is no truth but Heaven!"

Today Joseph has come to us with this Good News. If God grants, in time there will be others as well. The more such bringers of the Good News there will be, the sooner Russia will be saved. Its salvation does not at all mean that it necessarily will be reborn in its former earthly greatness. Russia's salvation lies in its merging into Holy Rus', in its recognition of itself, as in times past, as the Home of the Most-holy Theotokos.

It was for such a Russia that New Martyr Joseph Munoz-Cortes always prayed.

(Monk Vsevolod (Philipiev), Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, USA, 1999-2002.
In writing this piece, the author utilized the manuscript of the chronicle:
"Icon's House - Brother Joseph Memorial Foundation," Montreal, Canada).

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