• 19 January / 1 February

    St. Mark was born ca. 1391-1392 in Constantinople. His parents belonged to a prominent family of considerable means. His father was a deacon...
  • 19 January / 1 February

    The Saint was born in the year 295 in Alexandria. He was a merchant until the age of 40, when he received Holy Baptism and went off into the...
  • 21 January/3 February

    A mighty spiritual giant, who was broken by nothing and by no one, whose image does not fade with the ages, Venerable Maximus the Confessor is...
  • 23 January/5 February

    By his 20s, this man, a son of a senator, a wealthy, gifted person with an outstanding education was already elected a senator, and then consul...
  • 24 January/6 February

    Св. Ксения была женой полковника Андрея Федоровича Петрова, служившего придворным певчим. Двадцати шести лет Ксения овдовела и, казалось,...
  • 25 January/7 February

    I fear no one and nothing.
    I am ready to give up my life at any time for the
    Church of Christ rather than to give Her enemies...
  • January 29/February 11...

  • 29 January /11 February (Synaxis of the New Martyrs),
    9/22 June, 20 August/2 September (Saints of Moscow)
    16/29 September (Translation of the Relics)

  • 3/16 February

    On August 1, 1836, in the village of Beryoza, Smolensk District, a son was born into the family of a poor deacon named Dimitry Kasatkin. The child was...


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