• 19 September/2 October

    On January 17, 1846, a son was born into Archpriest Alexei Petrovitch Soloviev’s large family. At his Baptism, the infant was named Fyodor, in...
  • January 23/February 5, September 19/October 2 and 7/20 November (uncovering of relics)

    The Russian Church of the 20th Century has witnessed a countless host of...
  • 22 September/ 5 October

    St. Peter, the former publican, was the principal tax collector in Africa during the reign of Emperor Justinian (527 - 565). He was a cruel...
  • 25 September/8 October

    Of all Russian saints, Saint Sergius is perhaps the most inaccessible and mysterious. His life was so simple, so transparent that one can only...
  • September 25/October 8

    These events took place at the dawning of Christianity in Byzantium. Let us now take ourselves back into recent history, to Russia in the...
  • 1/14 October

    Venerable Romanus, named the Sweet­singer, was a Greek by birth and was born in the the middle of the fifth century in the Syrian town of Emesa. Having...


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