Love for God and One Another

  • A certain poslushnik [one under obedience, a monastic novice] asked the elder, "Who, father, can obey all of the Commandments, when there are so many of them?" The Elder answered, "One who emulates...
  • One who obeys God’s will honors and glorifies God, while one who transgresses God’s law dishonors Him. St. Basil the Great. Let us not consider praise an unimportant matter; rather let our life raise...
  • A brother asked Abba Moses, what helps a man in all of his difficulty? The elder replied: God helps, for it is written: “Our God is refuge and strength, a helper in afflictions which mightily befall...
  • If you have shown compassion for people here [on earth], that will be of wonderful help to you at the day of Judgment. Venerable St. Ephraim the Syrian. Even if you school yourself in the highest...
  • DUTY without love makes one irritable
    JUSTICE without love makes one cruel
    TRUTH without love makes one a fault-finder
    UPBRINGING without love makes one two-faced

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