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6/19 April

The Holy Martyr Paul was a Russian killed by the Turks in 1683.

In his early years, he was taken by the Tatars into bondage in Crimea, and later was sold in Constantinople. After arduous labors , the Saint was given his freedom, and married a Russian maiden who had also been in bondage. As the result of his hard labor while in bondage, St. Paul developed a seizure disorder. His wife and Christian neighbors, decided to take him to the Church of the Most Holy Theotokos of Mugluniisk, where persons similarly afflicted had received healing. During his spells, St. Paul resisted and shouted, "I am a Hagarite, I have become a Hagarite!" The Turks, incensed that Christians were forcibly taking to church a person who had adopted Islam, quickly informed the vizier. The vizier summoned St. Paul, but St. Paul appeared to him already healed. Under interrogation, he firmly confessed himself to be a Christian and, strengthened by his spouse, did not yield to the threats of the Muslims. On Great Friday of 1683, St Paul was beheaded for his Faith in Christ. His wife also endured tortures, but was ransomed and was released from prison.

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