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St. Micah, disciple of St.Sergius of Radonezh

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6/19 May

This saint, one of the first disciples of St. Sergius of Radonezh, lived with him in the same cell, and under his direction achieved spiritual perfection. Because of his humility of soul and purity of heart, St. Micah was made worthy in life to witness the appearance of the Mother of God to his great teacher. Once, St. Sergius, having completed his prayer rule, sat down to rest a bit, but suddenly said to his disciple: "Take heart, child, we will have a miraculous visitation." Just after he pronounced these words, a voice seemed to say "The Most-holy One approaches." Immediately a light bright as the sun appeared. Micah fell face-down on the ground, and out of fear, lay as if dead. After St. Sergius raised up his disciple, Micah asked him "Tell me, Father, what was this marvelous vision? Out of terror, my soul nearly left my body." Then St. Sergius told his disciple of the appearance of the Most-holy Theotokos. St. Micah presented himself to God in 1385. His relics are resting, hidden away in the Holy Trinity - St. Sergius Lavra. In 1734, a church was consecrated upon the place of burial of Venerable St. Micah, in honor of the apparition of the Most-holy Theotokos, as well as the Holy Apostles Peter and John the Theologian, and Venerable St. Sergius of Radonezh.

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