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9/22 May

Venerable Shio was born in Syrian Antioch. His parents were Christians and brought up their son as their sole heir. The youth received a good education, learned Sacred Scripture and already in his early years was gifted with the ability to interpret the Word of God.

Having learned of the holy ascetic John, Shio secretly left the parental home and made his way to the saint. Venerable John sent the youth back to his parents, having foretold that his parents would become monastics. The prophecy was quickly fulfilled: Shio distributed the inheritance and received the tonsure from Saint John.

After twenty years, Shio, in the number of twelve other chosen disciples of Saint John, set out for Iberia (Georgia) to preach the Word of God. In accordance with the blessing of Eulabius, the Catholicos of Georgia, and his teacher, Venerable Shio settled in a cave west of the town of Mtskheta, where he carried on a severe ascetic struggle, for which he was counted worthy of marvelous visions. The solitary life of the ascetic became known, and soon the place of the saint's struggle turned into a monastery, in which a church was founded by the Venerable one in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Later, other churches were erected: in honor of the Mother of God and John the Forerunner. All of the churches were consecrated by Catholicos Macarius. The number of the brethren grew, and the Venerable one blessed the founding of the Mgvime Monastery for them, while he himself continued the struggle of salvation in reclusion. Venerable Shio was translated on the 9th of May, having communed of the Holy mysteries the day before and having given to the brethren his final salvific instructions.

The relics of the God-pleaser were buried in the monastery founded by him.

Venerable Shio is known as the author of 160 instructions for the brethren.

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