St. Triphyllius, bishop of Leucosia (Nicosia) Cyprus

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13/26 June

The future Holy Hierarch was born in Constantinople, and was educated in Verita (Beirut, in what is now Lebanon). He was a man of great erudition and eloquence. Nonetheless, the Holy Hierarch chose as his instructor not a scholarly, learned man, but a man of great holiness - Holy Hierarch Spyridon of Tremithon (+348, commemorated 12 December). Emperor Constantine II (337-340) fell gravely ill, and, failing to receive healing from his physicians turned to God in fervent prayer. In a dream, he saw an Angel, who showed him the synaxis of Holy Hierarchs. Pointing out two of them, the Angel said that only through them could he be healed. Constantine broadcast a decree throughout his realm, commanding that the bishops assemble. Among those who received this order was Holy Hierarch Spyridon. Together with his disciple St. Triphyllius, he set out to go to the emperor. The sick emperor immediately recognized them as the healers the Angel had shown him in his dream. Bowing down before them, he asked them to pray for his recovery. Holy Hierarch Spyridon prayed, and as soon as he had touched the emperor's head, the emperor regained his health. St. Triphyllius was enchanted by the beauty of the palace, by the emperor's magnificent appearance, and by the luxury of court life. In response, Holy Hierarch Spyridon said, "Why are you amazed? Does that splendor make the king any more righteous? All of them, kings and great nobles, will die just like the poorest of the poor, and will face the judgment of God. We should be seeking after eternal good things and the Heavenly glory."

Soon thereafter, St. Triphillius was appointed bishop of the city of Levcosia in Cyprus. He often visited St. Spyridon. On one occasion, they were walking together through the vineyards and gardens of Parimnos, renowned for their beauty and abundance. St. Trphyllius, finding the beauty of nature attractive, began to contemplate purchasing this land. Holy Hierarch Spryridon read Triphyllius' thoughts and said, "Why do you ceaselessly think about earthly, vain treasures? Our dwelling place and treasures are in Heaven, and we must strive to [attain] them." In this way, St. Spyridon gradually guided his disciple toward spiritual perfection, perfection St. Triphyllius attained through his instructor's prayers. He possessed a merciful soul, a forgiving heart, correct faith, love towards everyone, and many other virtues. It happened that a Council of Bishops was held on Cyprus. The Fathers of the Council asked St. Triphyllius, renowned for his erudition and oratorical skills, to address the people with words of instruction. Speaking on the Lord's healing of the paralytic (Mark 2: 11), he used the word koite instead of kravvatos for "bed." Unable to bear an imprecise rendering of the Gospel text, Holy Hierarch Spyridon became indignant. Saying to Holy Hierarch Triphyllius: "Can it be that, embellishing the words of the One Who said ton kravvaton, you are ashamed of His words?" he immediately left the church building. Holy Hierarch Spyridon did this to give Holy Hierarch Triphyllius a lesson in humility, lest he become proud of his gift for oratory. St. Triphyllius wisely shepherded his flock. After his mother's death, he used the proceeds of his portion of her estate to erect a monastery in Levcosia. The Holy Hierarch reposed, at a very advanced age, in the year 370.

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