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There are currently two choirs in our church - Slavonic, conducted by Paula Genis and English, conducted by Konstantine Ogora.

You can find musical arrangements by Jared Brewer, former choir director and member of the Eastern American Diocese Music Committee.

In addition to the accompaniment to our regular liturgies, our former Slavonic choir conductor Youri Petcherkin has also made available several favored hymns and traditional songs on a CD entitled "Russia, Our Motherland". This first CD is available for purchase at the Kiosk in the church hall as well as for online purchase or as individual tracks from DigStation.com.

  1. Great Litany
  2. First and Second Antiphons
  3. Only Begotten Son
  4. Beatitudes
  5. Holy God, Konstantinov
  6. Cherubic Hymn, Sophronjev setting , arr. Chesnokov
  7. A Mercy of Peace, Greek setting, arr.Chesnokov
  8. It is Truly Meet
  9. Praise Ye the Name of the Lord
  10. O Theotokos Virgin, Rejoice!, ancient setting
  11. O Blessed Mother
  12. Little Doxology
  13. Christmas Carol
  14. Upon the Green Bank
  15. Reveille, Sviridov, lyr.A.S.Pushkin
  16. Bright Clear Fields
  17. How a Song Was Born
  18. Russia, Our Motherland, Sviridov, lyr.Prokofiev

If you would like to join the choir, please contact Paula Genis (for Slavonic choir) by phone 202-758-6431, or Konstantine Ogora (English choir) by email konstantineogora@gmail.com.

Address of our Cathedral

  • 4001 17th St. N.W.,
  • Washington, D.C., 20011

Phone  (202) 726-3000

Email        webmaster@stjohndc.org



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