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As there is one God and one Lord, so also true dignity is expressed by oneness in the image of the One Principle. And so, the one Church, which heresies make an effort to cut into many, is likened by oneness unto the nature of the One. We call the ancient Catholic Church one according to her essence, according to our concept of her, according to her origin and preeminence.

Presbyter Clement of Alexandria

One ought to remain in that Church which, having been founded by the Apostles, exists even till this day.

Blessed Jerome

Not only we are in this assembly (in the Church), but also the prophets and the apostles and all the saints; and what is most important of all - among us is Jesus Christ Himself, the Master of everything.

Hierarch John Chrysostom

The Church is the salt that salts the whole world, preserving it from putridity.

Venerable Ephraim the Syrian

For whomever the Church is not mother, God is not father.

Hierarch Cyprian of Carthage

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