Meekness - a sign of great strength

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He meek man, on accepting blows at himself, remains firm; during quarrels, he is calm; in subordination, he is content; he is not wounded by pride; he rejoices in abasements; he is not exalted by his merits; he is not puffed up; he lives in peace with everyone.

St. Ephraim the Syrian

Be not meek with one and insolent with others; be meek with everyone, whether he be friend or foe, a great man or a little.

Saint John Chrysostom

The only thing a truly meek man cannot bear is the transgres-sion of God's commandments in any man whatsoever. But even then he weeps for them that transgress these commandments and sin, and he does so as sincerely, as if he himself had sinned.

St. Symeon the New Theologian

Hate enmity, and not the man; extirpate hatred of him, which is extirpated by love, and patience. Think of him not as thine enemy, but contemplate that he is thy brother, God's creation, a man, created according to God's image, redeemed by the Blood of the Son of God, called to the same eternal blessedness. Instigated by the devil, and not by himself, he persecutes thee. And lay thou the blame on this enemy. Reason not about what he does to thee, but reason about what is needful for thee to do with him, and what the law of Christ commands, and how to be reconciled to him. Pray to Him, Who commanded us to love our enemies that He give thee the spirit of love and meekness to vanquish innate malice.

Saint Tichon of Zadonsk

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