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We should not put off repentance, for we know not the hour of our death.

Do not rely on the evil one, who instills in you deceptive ideas, saying “You are still young, and will still live a long time. Therefore enjoy yourself now, and do not worry about your soul; you will repent when you are old.”If you do not repent when you are young, at an age when you are in full of strength, able to bear any burden and endure your podvig, then will you not, in old age, use your weakness as your justification?

St. Ephraim of Syria

No one is as good and kind as the Lord is; but He does not forgive one who does not repent.

St. Mark the Ascetic

While a wound is still new and warm, it is easy to heal.Old wounds, carelessly left to fester are not easily healed, but require much effort, cutting, dusting [with medications] and cauterizations. With time, many wounds become intractable but for God everything is possible (Matthew 19: 26).The later the repentance, the more arduous it becomes.

St John of the Ladder

Always remain in a state of repentance, the foundation of our salvation, for we know not the day or the hour at which the Lord will come.

St. Nilus of Sinai

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