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O Righteous God, what is happening to people! How easily do people leave the service of the Lord because of all manner of rows, vainglorious squabbles, and vengeful intrigues!

* * *

The Orthodox are literally swimmers in the sea of this world, the sea of godless, worldly outlook and lifestyle, therefore it is imperative for us to create our own islands in this world, islands of another world, another, divine, manner of life and thought.

* * *

Remember that true Christianity is always a concrete matter; it is done here and now, between us, the Lord God, and our neighbor.

* * *

Do you have a journal in which to write excerpts from the works of the Holy fathers? And is there a page in the works of the holy fathers that is always bookmarked, that you open to and read in difficult moments? If not, then begin today: this is very important!

* * *

In our days it is impossible to be a half-hearted Christian: either you are fully there, or not at all.

"Приходская жизнь", февраль 2003 г.

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