Alexander Andreevitch Fetisoff (+2004)

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Memory Eternal

On April 23, 2004, Alexander Andreevitch Fetisoff reposed.

Alexander Andreevitch was one of our oldest parishioners, and was even one of the founders of the parish. He put a great deal of love and labor into organizing our parish while we were still serving in a crypt church in the Episcopal cathedral, where after each service we had to disassemble the icon screen and put everything together. Later we were able to purchase a house on Woodley Place in which a house church and a rector's apartment were set up. Finally, the piece of property upon which our church now stands was purchased.

The preparation for building demanded a great amount of care and effort, but with God's help everything was resolved, and in 1956 Metropolitan Anastassy laid the church cornerstone. In 1958, the church was erected. During this whole time, Alexander Andreevitch was the Head of the Building Committee, and took care of landscaping and further improvements to the property. In 1964, the Parish Hall was built, affording our rector, Fr. Nicholas, a place to live next to the church, and the parishioners a place to hold communal activities and house a school.

Elizaveta Grigorievna, Alexander Andreevitch's spouse, reposed in 1981, and now Alexander Andreevitch has joined her at our cemetery.

May their memory be eternal.

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